Steps of exhibiting at NürnbergMesse fairs

1. Filling in of the registration form (detailed information about the company with product group specification and with note about the stand space and type). Please, pay attention, that completion of the application means conclusion of the contract with NürnbergMesse.

2. In case there is available free space in the fair Hall of appropriate product group, NürnbergMesse sends a stand offer to the potential exhibitor. Participant has to confirm it in written form or immediately refuse, if it does not fit to the company’s expectations. From the moment of written stand confirmation the contract between NürnbergMesse and participant comes into force.

3. After the final confirmation the company receives invoice for the stand rental and obligatory media entry, including taxes. Also a package with exhibitor documents and individual password for online service ordering is sending to exhibitor.

4. Exhibiting itself. Stand building is starting from 3-4 days prior the event, and is ended till the early morning from the fair opening. Dismantling stars from the 5 p.m on the last day of the fair.

5. In one-two months after the fair a company receives all other invoices for the ordered services – electricity, additional catalogue entering, stand cleaning etc.

6. Information of the exhibiting company is placed in the official fair catalogue. It is available during all the year in the internet on the fair website.

7. Reminding you, that after the fair you may return German VAT 19 %, applying to the TAX authorities or using the service of VAT-refunding companies. Just pay attention to keep all the invoices, connecting with exhibiting.

Participation cost is formed from the following:
(correct prices are different for each fair)

  1. Exhibition space rental (from 9 m²) – from 150 Eur/sqm
  2. Obligatory media and marketing package – from 500,00 Eur
  3. Electricity Connection to the stand (up to 3 kVt) – 189,00 Eur
  4. AUMA fee 0,60 Eur/ m²
  5. Complete stand construction – from 62,00 Eur/ m² (Basic stand)

Choose a fair

21.06.2023 - 22.06.2023

International Trade Fair with Congress for Preventive Fire Protection

26.09.2023 - 28.09.2023
Leading Trade Fair for Processing, Analysis, and Handling of Powder and Bulk Solids
14.11.2023 - 16.11.2023

trade fair for the process chain of beverage production